Functional Medicine on Bacteria as Medicine

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Functional Medicine: Bacteria as a Medicine

Here’s a short video of me with a patient called Ben.

Ben is a fit young man who has recently had a course of anti-biotics to control a bacterial infection which he could not get on top of through natural means. The anti-biotics did a great job of making him feel better and killing the bacteria but has left Ben with a few digestive woes and a lowered mood which is common with this treatment.

Broad spectrum anti-biotics do blanket killing, both bad and good bacteria and so for Ben it’s important we replace those commensal (generally good) bacteria into his GI tract. Rather than supplemental needs we are replacing through foods – Introducing prebiotic foods such as green bananas, artichokes, green tea, berries and beans; then using Ben’s passion for fermented foods as both pre and probiotic. Many years ago, Ben had prevalent GI issues which were healed best through natural food methods. So much so that he now runs his passion, fermented foods as his business, making fermented Sauerkraut and Kimchi. Having lab tested his ferments we know we will be getting lots of lactobacillus species and the beneficial yeast Sacrromyces Boulardi. These are some of the bacteria that we are looking to re-pleat and not re-pleating the anti-biotics as I stated in the video (at 25 seconds a rather Freudian slip there).

This provides a transient team of bacterial helpers in large amounts to help his natural microbiome to recover. He gets anti-inflammatory, barrier protection, immune boosting and mood enhancing effects from these foods. Job done!

Our microbiotica is hot news in science!

The days of thinking that there is just plain old us has passed. We are a mix of a bigger super organism which is they and us and to get healthy we need to treat both.

I mentioned my current read (just finished) over on my Instagram page. It’s a must-read on the latest research around the microbiotica and health! Click here to discover the book >>

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