Curing Chronic Disease

“Lifelong health and vitality are our birth right. Few of us know how or why we lose it or how we can get it back”

We have successfully treated hundreds of clients over the years, many of whom have shown little or no sign of improvement despite traditional treatments from doctors and standard prescription medications. These clients have suffered with a wide range of chronic health conditions from Auto Immunity to SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Cardiovascular Disease to name a few.

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Sick and Tired

Patients often come to us because they are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Many have been given some form of diagnosis, but many others simply don’t understand or know what is wrong with them other than that they feel unwell and have done so for some time. They are often exhausted all the time and feel something is wrong, but their GP can’t seem to figure out what that something actually is. If this sounds like you, Functional Medicine Associates aim is to uncover where and why your body is not functioning properly (hence the name “Functional Medicine”).

We Are All Different

No two people have the same genetic makeup, history or life experiences. We are all unique, which is why we need a health plan that addresses these differences. A multifaceted approach is needed that looks to better understand a client’s genetic makeup and how those genetics are influenced from their ever- changing environment and lifestyle.

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If you feel or have been diagnosed with some form of chronic condition and need help, please contact us.

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