Steeps One Shot

Steeps One Shot apple cider vinegar, a product we love and recommend

Getting the most from our food is only half about the food quality. The other half is dependent on whether you can breakdown your food effectively enough that all its nutrients can be transported to your cells.

So you can be eating the best nutrition available but if your digestive system and importantly stomach acid is not optimal you will not be making the most of your food

A big part of breaking down your foods and liberating vitamins from your food is partly conducted by stomach acid and if you haven’t got optimal levels (we generally lose more and more as we age) this can increase systemic health problems for the body. This lack of optimal stomach acid is suspected in a large proportion or our patients.

Steeps One Shot Apple Cider Vinegar

This is where Apple cider vinegar helps, its acidic, and so when taken with your food helps reduced the PH of the stomach increasing the likelihood of more optimal digestion. We also love the fact that it is a low calorie liquid that adds much needed flavours too much needed vegetables and meals. Yes sometimes vegetables are just a bit boring and need cheering up if we are to eat them consistently.

That leads me to Steeps as we recommend this product to most patients.

Steeps main Steeper Jamie is a guy I have known for over 20 years. He’s always been into health and I remember when he started out in his kitchen getting the formula right. I tried many formulas and delighted on how its developed over time (I got to continually try!). That WoW feeling you get from a 10ml hit is “WoW”. It not only helps digestion it has ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and Apple cider vinegar has other health benefits such as helping to normalise blood sugars.

We simply love this product and our patients simply do as well. I’m personally addicted to it.

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