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4 week

£1000 - 4 weeks

We usually work with patients on a 3 month Functional Medicine programme as experience has shown us that this is the most effective way of achieving results. We appreciate however that not everyone is able to or will want to commit to this programme and that is why we offer an introductory programme.

This programme is designed to give you a ‘taste’ of Functional Medicine and to see how this approach can work for you. It is perfect for giving a clearer idea of what Functional Medicine can provide before making any decisions to investigate your health further.

We ask for the full payment of £1000 prior to your first 30 minute video consultation. This payment is non-refundable.

Why choose a 4 week Introduction? 

You are ready to make daily lifestyle changes but are not sure how to start and what exactly to do and would like some expert guidance. You have many questions about healthy living but feel confused and overwhelmed by the plethora of seemingly conflicting messages.

You are interested in learning more about how Functional Medicine can help you optimise your health. You believe it may be the right approach for you at this time but would like to get a glimpse before diving in.

The 4 week Introductory programme does not involve any laboratory testing. At the end of the programme your practitioner may, however, discuss what tests might be recommended going forward. Supplementation may be recommended as part of your treatment and the cost of this is NOT included in the programme.

What are the benefits of this plan?

  • You will receive expert personal guidance from an IFM certified Functional Medicine practitioner.
  • 4 x 30minute video consultation (one per week).
  • Advice on how to use Functional Medicine for your health – explaining the importance of food, exercise, stress management, sleep and other lifestyle behaviours.
  • If necessary, you will be given guidance on choosing appropriate supplements.
  • Short email messaging support for the duration of the package. 
  • Your expert practitioner will encourage you to adopt one new healthy habit each week.
  • You will be given a small written report at the end of the month with supporting lifestyle guides and recommendations (with regards to testing and supplementation going forward).
  • You will also be asked to complete a medical symptoms questionnaire at the onset of the programme and again at the completion of the programme in order to monitor progress.

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