We are proud to have helped many patients on their journey to recovery and have worked with many inspirational people in healthcare. Here is what a few of them have to said about us along the way.

DNA Health Testimonial

Watch below one of our Patient testimonials.

Functional Medicine Pathway Testimonial

Listen below to hear how we helped Katie’s mum recover from her symptoms of Fibromyalgia, as well as how we helped Katie herself with her IBS and hormonal issues.

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Our Patients

I approached Functional Medicine Associates after not being happy with my progress with another Functional medicine doctor. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which was getting worse even with all the treatment that was provided.

My first impression was a really pleasant and approachable phone call with Shelley the practise manager who chatted and listened to my story. She organised for me to have a chat with Pete and throughout the timeframe of being looked after by Pete she has always been a friendly help with all the things that need to be organised. 

From the start I felt listened to by Pete, he is very approachable and easy to talk to. He really took an interest into my situation and was keen to build a partnership so that progress could be obtained together.He was clear about the work I would need to do based off his recommendations and the path to getting better is never a smooth one.

After three months Pete had identified a particular area of concern and he recommended that he referred me to a dentist, as he felt the root cause of most of my current issues was poor dental health. Whilst Pete worked on helping most of my body his referred dentist worked on my mouth and I started to see results almost straight away. These results gave me the motivation to do the day to day things that were needed, to take the supplements, the dietary changes, and do the testing Pete recommended.

After 6 months my Rheumatoid Arthritis is in remission.  Don’t have sore joints and the fatigue as Idid before. All my inflammatory markers have changed dramatically. If I have aRheumatoid flare I honestly don’t feel it anymore and I have been able to put some weight back on, which was an issue before. It’s been a dramatic change andI am just very grateful.

Whilst it is a big commitment, at every stage I have been provided with motivation, direction and importantly I’ve been educated through the process. Whilst Pete’s expertise has been fantastic throughout, more importantly he always listened to me and I trusted him.


Functional Medicine Associates is joined up medicine and healthcare at its best


I am very grateful for Pete's support and expertise. The session last week was fantastic and gave me loads to think about and a great steer on the changes I need to make. I’ve already started implementing some things and plan to review the report and video recording this week to make a plan for some of the other things we discussed. Having the recording will be invaluable in helping me review the report and remember what Pete so eloquently explained. Pete's ability to take complex information and distill it into interesting and easy-to-understand points/actions are fantastic and incredibly useful. Looking forward to getting the recommendations about supplements and future testing.


For years and years I struggled with some issues which no one seemed to be able to resolve. I visited numerous doctors and tried so many different approaches to try and fix the problem but nothing seemed to work and I just learned to live with it and came to the conclusion that it was just a way of life for me.

That was, until I came across Pete. I explained my problem to him and he quickly diagnosed it. After only a few months of working together and trying his approach to fix my problem, it cleared up!

I couldn’t recommend Pete enough.

Abby Olive

Thanks to Alex my 5-year battle with IBS symptoms is finally over. I feel amazing!


I was referred by a friend to Pete after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I was getting the best possible treatment that private medicine could give me which involved chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I wanted to do everything possible to understand how my lifestyle influenced my condition. After all, my life was at risk and this is where Pete and Functional Medicine Associates became involved. I have been helped at every step of the journey to good health. Pete and his team have explained the science, the blood tests, the genetics, the food and exercise and how to apply it practically on a day to day basis. I am in remission and feel great!

Breast Cancer survivor

Since working with Deirdre, I have experienced huge transformations in my health. When I arrived at her desk, I was experiencing insomnia, digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog and low mood. Through some testing we established there was candida overgrowth and hormonal imbalances and over a few months with Deirdre’s personalised protocol I got my health and vitality back. Deirdre has a very relaxed and friendly manner and was there to answer questions and provide support at every step of the way. I am grateful to her for where I am now and for her encouragement to address the root cause of the issues and take a lifelong outlook to health and happiness.


My doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer all rolled into one. Functional Medicine Associates are the perfect answer to the ill effects of 24/7 big city living.

Mike M

My doctor said there was no cure for Fibromyalgia/CFS. There is, it’s called Functional Medicine. I feel so much better with Functional Medicine Associates treatment.


Despina, I never thought I could live without all my sugary treats, and with your help I have learned how to change recipes to make gluten free and dairy free deserts and swap sugar for dates and bananas and all sorts of new and innovative alternatives! It has been a fun journey and my waistline is thankful


Our Industry

Functional Medicine Associates are an outstanding group of integrative clinicians they have an excellent understanding of the complexities of gastro-intestinal disorders but also the potential systemic health issues that may accompany. They will regularly discuss patient results with our consultants and I highly recommend them.

Gary Stapleton
President and CEO

We have worked with Pete and his Functional Medicine Associates, for several years. They are a group of clinicians who have an excellent understanding of genetic testing, but more importantly how these tests fit appropriately into the bigger picture of their patient’s programmes. I highly recommend them.

Dr Danny Meyersfeld

The Gold Standard of Functional Medicine training

The Institute for Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Associates are The Functional Medicine Standard Bearer for the UK

Patrick Hannaway MD
Research Director

Centre for Functional Medicine @ Cleveland Clinic Lead Faculty, Institute for Functional Medicine

Pete and I did much of our Functional Medicine training together, he and his team “Functional Medicine Associates” are my go-to recommendations for patients in the UK

Dr Susan Blum MD
Founder of Blum Centre for Health

Assistant Clinical Professor, Dept of Preventive Medicine, The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City

IFM certification is a badge of quality and commitment, the relatively few who have achieved this accreditation will have spent much time, as well as a significant financial commitment in participating in this rigorous post-graduate training. It sets them apart from any others who may only be starting out on their road to becoming a FM practitioner. I have known Pete Williams for many years, he has an excellent knowledge of Functional Medicine and how to employ it. However, the complexity of clinical conditions requires the need to utilise this knowledge and skills of other similar trained professionals. The team that Pete has brought together, all of whom are IFM certified is an excellent initiative; recipients, whether they are patients or practitioners in education – can be assured of the highest quality, knowledge, and team work.

Chris Moore MD

Providing a safe space for you to heal

The nature of Functional Medicine dictates that it is not a quick fix solution but rather a comprehensive and complex approach and that in order to see results, an initial commitment of 3 months is highly recommended.

Functional Medicine Associates
functional medicine associates

Functional Medicine Pathway

A bespoke and individualised approach to you and your health

We have many years of experience working with patients and we are able to draw on this experience to formulate the perfect individualised Functional Medicine treatment pathway for you.