The gold standard of functional medicine care

Offering a new way of healing to treat the root cause, rather than just the symptoms.




Complex chronic disease is just that, complex.

We are a team of dedicated Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioners. We have had years of experience applying Functional Medicine in clinical practice and this has allowed us to evolve and continually learn both from our own experiences and those of our patients.

Our IFM certification means we differ from most other functional medicine practitioners due to our rigorous training and examination. Our certification is recognised as “the gold standard of functional medicine training worldwide”.

Quick fix medication ignores the fact that humans are also complex eco-systems, that need multiple interventions rather than a single bullet approach. Functional medicine is a model of care that combines both traditional and emerging treatments to help identify imbalances that are at the roots of your illness.

“I think anyone with the right attitude and correct guidance can heal themselves. They just need an operating system to put all the bits and pieces together. That’s Functional Medicine”

Pete Williams

What we treat

Between us, we have years of experience and expertise in a wide range of areas and specific conditions. We firmly believe that treatment should be by root cause, rather than just by symptoms. We continually learn from our patient’s challenges allowing us to constantly refine our service to you.

You are unique.

No two people have the same genetic make-up, history or life experiences, which is why you need a health plan which is unique to you. A multifaceted approach looks to better understand your genetic makeup and how those genetics are influenced from your ever-changing environment and lifestyle.

What is functional medicine?

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My doctor said there was no cure for Fibromyalgia/CFS. There is, it’s called Functional Medicine. I feel so much better with Functional Medicine Associates treatment.


Thanks to Alex my 5-year battle with IBS symptoms is finally over. I feel amazing!


My doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer all rolled into one. Functional Medicine Associates are the perfect answer to the ill effects of 24/7 big city living.

Mike M

Functional Medicine Associates are The Functional Medicine Standard Bearer for the UK

Patrick Hannaway MD

Research Director
Centre for Functional Medicine @ Cleveland Clinic Lead Faculty, Institute for Functional Medicine

Providing a safe space for you to heal

The nature of Functional Medicine dictates that it is not a quick fix solution but rather a comprehensive and complex approach and that in order to see results, an initial commitment of 3 months is highly recommended.

Functional Medicine Associates
functional medicine associates

Functional Medicine Pathway

A bespoke and individualised approach to you and your health

We have many years of experience working with patients and we are able to draw on this experience to formulate the perfect individualised Functional Medicine treatment pathway for you.

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