Welcome to the gold standard of functional medicine care.

Functional Medicine Associates is a team of IFM certified practitioners with a practice in the prestigious Harley Street district of London, operating nationally and worldwide.

What is Functional Medicine?

“A new way to heal”

Functional Medicine Associates was founded by Pete Williams who has over 20 years of experience applying Functional Medicine in clinical practice and is one of the leading figures in Functional Medicine in the UK.

2020 was ‘the year of the pivot’ for many businesses so rather than restrict our service offering to in-person consultations you can now take advantage of FMA’s expertise either in person or online, from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

“I think anyone with the right attitude and correct guidance can heal themselves. They just need an operating system to put all the bits and pieces together. That’s Functional Medicine”

Pete Williams





What we treat

Between us, we have years of experience and expertise in a wide range of areas and specific conditions.

We firmly believe that treatment should be by root cause, rather than just by symptoms. We continually learn from our patient’s challenges allowing us to constantly refine our service to you.

More about us

Our Programmes

We offer three ways of engaging our services.

functional medicine associates

1 hour

£350 - 1 Hour
functional medicine associates

4 week Introduction

£1000 - 4 Weeks
functional medicine associates

3 month Programme

£3000 - 3 months


51 New Cavendish Street
London W1G 9TG