Bad Mouth,
Bad Brain?

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You will hear Pete discuss how:

A local disease (gum disease) can have whole body consequences
Gum disease exaggerates all other chronic disease processes
Oral bacteria can exaggerate the development of Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's is an infectious disease
Alzheimer's disease develops due to inflammation of the brain. This inflammation is created by the brain trying to defend itself against invaders
All diseases are underpinned by inflammation

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"Pete is a truly accomplished practitioner who truly understands the bidirectional link between the innate immune barriers in the mouth, gut and brain and how the oral cavity and it’s association to systemic diseases plays as a foundational piece of the puzzle of helping treat his patients systemically and locally for a much better health span."

Dr. Sebastien Louis Lomas
Biological Dental Practitioner

"Our delegates thoroughly enjoyed Pete’s recent presentation. Pete was an excellent speaker and very enjoyable to listen to, with a great range of knowledge which is incredibly useful in practice."