Welcome to Functional Medicine Associates

We are a team of dedicated Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioners. We have had years of experience applying Functional Medicine in clinical practice and this has allowed us to evolve and continually learn both from our own experiences and those of our patients.

Our IFM certification means we differ from most other functional medicine practitioners due to our rigorous training and examination. Our certification is recognised as “the gold standard of functional medicine training worldwide”.

We are located in the prestigious Harley Street district of Central London. Our team has had many years of experience in helping patients improve their health and well-being through our functional medicine approach.

We recognise that complex chronic disease is just that. Complex.

Quick fix medication for every ill ignores the fact that humans are also complex eco-systems, that need multiple interventions rather than a single bullet approach.

We firmly believe that treatment should be by root cause, rather than just by symptoms. Through these experiences, we continually learn from our patient’s challenges allowing us to constantly refine our service to you.

Our Team

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Our Programmes

We offer three ways of engaging our services.

functional medicine associates

1 hour

£350 - 1 Hour
functional medicine associates

4 week Introduction

£1000 - 4 Weeks
functional medicine associates

3 month Programme

£3000 - 3 months

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