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Functional Medicine: “PTSD” A Way To Remember Hormones

Hormones are molecules that work as messengers for our body. They tell our body how to respond to our environment. Whilst they are tiny molecules they are mighty in their ability to influence the human body.

Hormones work together in responding to how we live our lives and so the optimal levels are not too high or low but in the sweet spot of in the middle. This complicated web of connected hormones is not easy to understand and even more so make suggestions that form health advice. If you change one that likely changes another.

However here is a way of remembering the bigger picture on understanding the actions of hormones that may well help you to have a deeper understanding.

“PTSD” Production

Is there something that may be affecting the production from the gland that produces the hormone? Example may be nutrient supply to the gland.


Is there something that affects the transport/ distribution or interaction with other hormones?


Of the receptor site. Think Insulin resistance here as an example. Not the hormone but the ability of the receptor to be sensitive enough to want to receive the hormone message.


Once the hormone has docked onto the receptor, passed on the message and docked off, it needs to be detoxified and excreted. SNP’s that detoxification ability. Think whether the route of the hormone out of the body is good enough. We see elevated Oestrogens recirculated by Beta Glucuronidase to poor bowel movements.

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