Functional Medicine Practitioner: 5 Things You Need to Know

Functional Medicine Practitioner

As human beings we are simply not designed for a 24/7 always-on, time-pressured lifestyle. Eventually our bodies find it more and more difficult to cope with the stress and demands that we place on them. We eventually start to lose the energy, freshness and drive that we took for granted in our younger years. We gain weight but lose memory and increasingly rely on coping strategies that help us in the short term – but that can increase the risk to our overall health as time progresses.

FMA’s Executive Experience

For nearly two decades we have partnered with board level executives, high net worth individuals, senior leadership teams and captains of industry. We have gained a wealth of experience and understanding in how senior career roles have a direct effect on health. We help executives who are burnt out, stressed out or those who may already be attempting to live healthier lifestyles but are bombarded with conflicting lifestyle information, causing confusion and unrealistic expectations.

Simplifying through Functional Medicine

Our role is to simplify and individualise these messages with information that teaches, motivates and contributes successful and positive health outcomes. We utilise many of the latest advances in medical, genetic, nutritional and exercise testing – an approach which maximises both short and long-term improvements in health, based on the physical, emotional and psychological resources that each individual has.

Functional Medicine Program

Our experience has shown that at least two to three cycles of our FMA programme has been most effective. After that time, many executives continue to work with us on a longer-term preventative health basis. One of our executives has partnered with us for over 20 years. If you are prepared to commit to gaining back that precious commodity “Time”, we will undertake a journey together for you to achieve optimal health and business performance.

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