Integrative Healthcare & Applied Nutrition Conference | IHCAN Conference 2022

I’m very excited to share that I am one of the expert speakers on the line up for the IHCAN conference 2022. The conference has a great line up of internationally recognised and respected speakers tackling the hottest topics in relation to health and nutrition. It’s taking place on Saturday 3rd September in London. 

I will be discussing the topic of ‘Bad mouth – bad brain. The oral-systemic link and the risk of Alzheimer’s’

Did you know gum disease exists in 40% of the adult population? The link between poor oral health and many chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s is becoming more established. My lecture will discuss emerging concepts on oral bacteria, oral genomics, bacterial translocation and compromised barrier function at the mouth, gut and brain that can increase Alzheimer’s risk.

There will be other super interesting talks, such as Dale Bredesen on ‘Making Alzheimer’s optional’ and Dr Jess Armine on ‘Mood Disorders, Epigenetics, and Dynamic Neurotransmitter Assessment’.

It’s going to be a great day and the team behind the conference has kindly given me a coupon code for those who wish to join. If you use the code ‘PETEW’ at the checkout, you will receive £30 off your ticket (making it £65 instead of £95). 

You can find the event details here:

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