Our Programmes

We offer three ways of engaging our services.

functional medicine associates

1 hour Consultation

£350 - 1 Hour

This one-off consultation is for those who may be totally new to Functional Medicine and may not wish to commit to our 4 week Introduction or 3 month Functional Medicine Associates Programme.

It is also for those who have been through the programme and would simply like to touch base with their practitioner every so often to keep on track. Perhaps you are already seeing another practitioner and would just like a fresh pair of eyes on your case or second opinion.

functional medicine associates

4 week Introduction

£1000 - 4 Weeks

We appreciate that not everyone is able to or will want to commit to our 3 month Functional Medicine Associates Programme and that is why we offer this introduction.

This introduction is designed to give you a ‘taste’ of Functional Medicine and to see how this approach can work for you. It is perfect for giving a clearer idea of what Functional Medicine can provide before making any decisions to investigate your health further.

functional medicine associates

3 month Programme

£3000 - 3 months

The nature of Functional Medicine dictates that it is not a quick fix solution and that in order to see results, a minimum commitment of 3 months is a good starting point.

We have designed this programme based on many years of experience working with patients and we feel that this is the most appropriately structured package for the majority of clients.

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