Programme and Prices

We offer two ways of engaging our services.

1. The Single Consultation

The single consultation is designed to establish the nature of your health issues and your reasons for wishing to adopt a functional medicine approach. We will explore and explain some of the reasons for your current situation and offer guidance and possible treatments options. We have found that some people want to have a one-off consultation with us rather than committing to our programme. This may be because they are new to Functional Medicine and want to know more about how it can help them specifically. Or they may be currently working with another health practitioner/doctor and would like a different view on the programme they are already on. Other patients have gone through several cycles of our FMA programme, are now doing well on their own and just want an occasional check in. Investment £330. (paid in advance of consultation) Time 60mins.

2. The FMA Programme

Our package runs for approximately 4 months. In the first few weeks we will advise you on an initial programme, get you started and motivated and suggest appropriate testing. At 4-6 weeks from starting there is an extensive review of test results and from there a more sophisticated and individualised programme can be given. These changes will be implemented for the next 8 weeks with periodic consultations.

What’s Included in the Programme:

  • Data gathering – questionnaires, case file review and analysis prior to 2hr consultation
  • 2hr face to face consultation
  • Lab testing recommended and organised for patient
  • A written 4 weeks dietary, lifestyle and supplement programme to follow
  • 1 x 30min consultation to discuss progress and challenges
  • 1 x 90min consultation to review lab test results
  • Revision and enhancement of initial 4-week programme based on findings from lab results
  • 2 additional 30min consultations
  • 1x 60min consultation with a review of your programme and next steps discussion.
  • Email messaging support for the duration of the package

Investment £3000. (50% payment required at the onset of the programme. Balance due prior to 90min consultation review)
Time frame: 4 months maximum

What is not included:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Supplements

For more detailed information on our programme please contact us on

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