Some Good Advice:

It’s not always easy getting better and so you have to be ready to make changes, expect the unexpected and be able to have, and receive, an honest and open conversation as you take the path towards regaining your health. We have learnt that momentum matters and best practice is to structure a deliberate approach to the work we are considering undertaking together. As needs vary from person to person and from time to time, the structure outlined in our programme section is designed to give you what to expect as far as costs and timeframe, all within which, we will shape and articulate a programme tailored to your unique needs.

Working with Functional Medicine Associates

“To help you restore health and have a body that functions better, we will need to share a journey to healing. It may take time to find and treat the root cause of your illness and you will need to find that time for healing and change. Work hard, be committed to yourself and walk the path to wellness”

Pete Williams – Founder

We are delighted that you consider your health important enough to look to functional medicine for answers to your current challenge(s). We are committed to helping you reach your health goals by identifying the “Why is it?” and not the “What is it?” of your illness. We will give you the tools to take charge of your own health using a patient centred approach, rather than a disease centred approach. With many years of combined experience and hundreds of patients between us, we have learnt many lessons both from our successes and rare failures. We would like to share these lessons with you before you choose to engage our services.

Why is it not what is it?

Understanding the root cause(s) of “Why” you are unwell is like the peeling of an onion. There may be layer upon layer that we need to discover and investigate before we can start to make progress towards getting you better. This is particularly important for a patient to understand at the very beginning of their journey. In very challenging cases we need a long-term strategy, often with no quick fixes and heavily focused on identifying and understanding the daily behaviours and decisions that may be impacting on health. It is these behaviours and decisions that are often the triggers and mediators of illness. We tell patients:

“You cannot get better with the lifestyle that makes you sick”

Functional Medicine Goals

Expertise in Functional Medicine is the ability to see both the short- and long-term goals and be able to layer a programme that is appropriate. Most patients do not become unwell overnight, rather, they have been experiencing some degree of decline in function and increased symptoms for many years. We need to unravel each story and get to ground zero before we can start to make progress. Understanding the body as an interconnected system, why it has lost function and how it can be fixed is complex, over time we have become great storytellers in complex science, putting this in simple fashion and at a pace that the patient is capable of following. This is core attribute of our practice and from positive feedback, a method has been extremely successful.

How Functional Medicine Can Work For You

Take the following example. Imagine you are an Architect by profession and plan to design and build a new skyscraper. The land you are building on however, is unstable and covered in debris. Ensuring the ground is stable, clear of obstacles and ready to underpin secure foundations is the No.1 priority. If this doesn’t happen the long-term success of the building is at risk.

Many patients start feeling better in days, for others the journey is much longer and for a very rare few we cannot solve their health challenges even with their time and investment. We will ask a lot of you and you of us. We create a partnership in which the patient is the primary participant in cultivating a programme that creates health, rather than playing a passive role by being prescribed a drug/supplement or treatment.

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