Between us we have years of experience and expertise in a wide range of areas and specific conditions

We determine how and why your illness occurs and restore your health by addressing not just the symptoms but the root cause. 

Delivery of long-term performance is impossible without a healthy mind and body. Lead stronger for longer by becoming healthier. 

Signs that your brain may be aging too quickly include brain fog, poor concentration and focus. Known as cognitive decline this process can be influenced dramatically using a Functional Medicine approach. 

Living to 100 and beyond is realistic and achievable. Of course, it’s not just how long we live but how well we live. Living better lives, with health, vitality, purpose and love means we can die old, feeling young. 

By embarking on a journey with Functional Medicine Associates we will work with you to find out why you are unwell and to help restore you to full health. 

From a single consultation to a more in depth, individualised, on-going programme, there is something to suit you. Find out about more about our programmes and prices.