Broken Brain

Cognitive decline & The Bredesen Protocol™

Are you often forgetting your keys, a name, an event, or getting lost in familiar places? Do you feel you have brain fog, poor concentration and focus? These “senior moments and symptoms” may be the sign of a brain that is ageing more quickly than it should

The Bredesen Protocol™  is the research driven, ground breaking medical, lifestyle and nutritional based approach to treating and reversing cognitive decline and early stage Alzheimer’s. Professor Bredesen’s research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease is not necessarily an irreversible Neurological disorder but a metabolic disease which we can influence dramatically, especially through the application of a functional medicine approach.

We have now had several years of understanding how to individualise and apply the Bredesen Protocol with patients. We have learnt through those experiences that our lifestyle choices are likely much more important than our genetic predisposition.  With this in mind, concentrating on lifestyle choices has really helped patients reduce the need for overwhelming and prohibitively expensive tests and protocols.

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