Optimal Ageing

Pete says “Move often, don’t eat too much, sleep well and understand stress”

For nearly two decades we have partnered with patients in the pursuit of optimal ageing. Optimal ageing is about understanding our genes and how they interact with modern living, causing an acceleration or slowing down of the ageing process.

We will simplify and individualize a programme with information that teaches, motivates and contributes to successful and positive ageing outcomes. We will utilize many of the latest advances in science & medicine, genetics, nutritional & exercise testing. This approach aims to maximizes both short and long-term improvements in health, based on the physical, emotional and psychological resources each individual patient has.


Man stretching representing functional medicine London
Push ups representing Functional Medicine in London

Optimal Ageing and You

Most important of all, you learn about “YOU”. After a 12 month journey you will have a personal lifelong blueprint of what to do and how to do it, going forward.

If you are prepared to commit time and effort, we will undertake this journey together in the pursuit of optimal ageing. Take the next step here