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Optimal Multivitamin Powder - 224g

Pete's Notes

A really solid all-around formula that is delivered in a delicious Cherry flavour. Lots of B vitamins in their most useable forms which is so important for those patients who do not methylate well. One of my go-to products for patients who struggle with tablets.

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Optimal Multivitamin Powder provides superior well-absorbed vitamins and chelated minerals in a delicious, natural cherry-flavour supplement that can be added to drinks.

Optimal Multivitamin Powder is a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals that help to support all aspects of health in the body. It includes B vitamins for their beneficial role in the production of energy. Vitamin B12 and folate appear in their converted forms, easy for the body to use. The formula also includes high strength vitamin C and E, as powerful antioxidants that can help quench free radicals to prevent oxidative stress. Magnesium can help support muscle relaxation and feelings of calm in the body. Delicious cherry flavour powder that blends easily in liquids, ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing regular encapsulated vitamins.

• Helps to support the immune system

• Contributes to healthy antioxidant capacity

• Supports healthy vision and eyes

• Contributes to support cardiovascular health

• Can boost energy production

• Helps to support methylation

Easy to adjust dose as needed with powder format. With gentle, well-absorbed iron and minerals. Includes active forms of B vitamins plus L-5-MTHF.

May help support a healthy immune system.

Suggested use is 1 scoop per day.


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