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Bio.Me Femme V - 60 Capsules

Pete's notes

We see a lot of female patients with bacterial vaginosis, which comes and goes. These patients have usually been on a never-ending cycle of antibiotics which solve the issue for a while but put these patients in an ever-increasing vaginal dysbiosis. This product has repeatedly helped many of our patients.

Bio. Me Femme V was the first vaginal live bacteria formulation containing Lactobacillus crispatus available in the UK market. This multi-species formula contains keystone Lactobacilli for optimal lactic acid production, pH and pathobiont inhibition. which are the key mechanisms that reduce your risk of vaginal conditions especially bacterial vaginosis.

These live bacterial cultures have undergone human clinical trials which have shown colonisation in the vagina after oral ingestion, and a significant impact on the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis after a course of antibiotics.

1 a day for 1 -2 months is usually enough. With severe vaginosis 2 caps per day might be better.

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Clinically researched for its ability to outcompete pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria

• It contains Lactobacillus crispatus, tested for its positive effects on the vaginal microbiome

• Supports optimal lactic acid production

• Supports optimal vaginal pH

• Can colonise the vagina after oral ingestion

• Can reduce recurrence of vaginosis after antibiotic use

• Can outcompete opportunistic and pathogenic bacteria

The strains used in this formula can have inhibitory effects on pathogenic bacteria and colonise the vaginal microbiome from oral ingestion. It helps to balance pH to acidify the vaginal environment through lactic acid production, to create an unfavourable environment from pathogens.

Suggested use is 1 capsule per day.

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