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Digestive Enzymes Ultra - 90 Capsules

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This Pure product provides high-strength, broad-spectrum vegetarian digestive enzymes that help you to digest your foods more optimally. This formula is also helpful for people with SIBO and may be on a low FODMAP diet. 2 caps with each meal is advised.

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Digestive Enzymes Ultra by Pure Encapsulations contains a blend of digestive enzymes to support digestive health, and may be suitable for those who get digestive upset after eating.

Natural levels of digestive enzymes can be lowered for many reasons.

- Designed to improve digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fibre

- Contains lactase which helps the body digest lactose from dairy products

- May improve the digestion of plant fibres and legumes

- May help to digest high FODMAP foods

- May help to improve absorption of nutrients from food

- May help to prevent digestive upset after eating

Taking digestive enzymes can be beneficial for those who struggle to break down and process foods. When food cannot be digested properly, it cannot be absorbed well either. Digestive Enzymes Ultra helps to break down the most common food groups that people struggle to digest, such as lactose, legumes, fats, fibre and protein. They also contain alpha-galactosidase, which can help break down high FODMAP foods such as certain fruits and vegetables, legumes and grains.

Provides a high-strength, broad-spectrum vegetarian digestive enzymes. Features enzymes that are involved in the digestion of protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and lactose. With 3000 FIP of lipase per serving, assisting in the breakdown of dietary fats and fatty foods. With 120 GAIU of alpha-galactosidase per serving, promoting the breakdown of galacto-oligosaccharides (FODMAP's) found in some vegetables, grains and legumes. Protease enzymes for protein digestion. Amylase, glucoamylase and invertase enzymes to digest carbohydrates. Lactase enzymes to help digest lactose from dairy products. Additional enzymes to help digest plant and legume fibres.

Suggested use is 2 capsules with each meal.

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