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Digest Bitter - 50ml

Pete's notes

Bitter plants stimulate the digestive process and I would use this as a gentle formula to help digestion rather than some of the stronger digestive formulas that contain the Betaine HCL. 1 drop in water works really well in individuals that have very light digestive concerns. Its also cheap.

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The bitter taste of the plants in this formula helps to kickstart the digestive system and get it ready to digest food better. This can help avoid symptoms of heartburn, bloating and gas. It enables the body to absorb nutrients for food, which can have a positive impact on overall health.

• Can improve digestion naturally
• Stimulates digestive juices to help the body break down food
• Can help ease bloating
• Can help avoid heartburn
• Helps to improve absorption of nutrients
• Can help relief constipation

Suggested use is 1ml (one pipette) mixed with a dash of water, 30 minutes before meals.

Digestive Aids

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